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Stingray !!!

Posted by on 2012/08/12

I want to eat stingray so badly !
I din eat it for a long time , ermmm , since..
Last year ? :O
eeeee….I really want to eat it laa..
My parents never bring me , I mean they always say no \|||/
( how dare you !? == )
And yet I’m hungry now , no one can bring me home again .. duhh~
how laa ??? My sister ask me to stay in the shop until the church
finish == 8:30 p.m close the shop . Church 10 ++
tell me how laa~~ I want to eat !!!!
My sister ate Fried Chicken just now ( KFC )
My response : How dare you no tell me !! ==
woii~ I’m hungry la ! If I really can’t stand anymore
Go and catch few stingray , Then I cook my own-self
( as if I know how to cook that == ahahaa ! )
Fail —

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