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Morning Glory ~

Posted by on 2012/08/12

Morning guys ! I was so so bored now :/
Cause me and my sis were late for church ..
How sad , we suppose to wake up at 6:20 a.m
But den no one wake me up , AND when I woke up
Is already 7:30 ? -.- ( excuse me ? Church start – 8:00 a.m )
I jumped up from my bed and rushed to my sis-in-law’s room
I thought they already ready to go out
hehehe“ when I just went in their room ..
they still sleeping lolololololololol.. FAIL-
I waked her up and she just told me : What~??? ( she on her i-phone )
…..chamm !! ( darn !! ) time’s over ! ( rushed to the toilet )
I when to my sis room , and YES , still sleeping -.-
Me : I thought you put alarm ?
Sis : Oh ya , I did..
Me : Abuden ??
Sis : I can’t wake up so yea .. ( continue sleeping )
Me response : == walao eh ~

The very sleepy family :D

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