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好久不见~long time no see..Quanto tempo..!!

Posted by on 2010/07/11

my old friend..long time no see…

is about how many years already ..

his still the same face ..and his brother look like british ..

soooooo~~~ white..

their body is so big size..and they say english very smoothly ..

hehe..and of course la..the whole years we didn’t met..

so,,when we eat together with his mom , we didn’t say anything cause we very shame shame ..(haha..)

my mom and his mom always say that i like him or he  like me..ew..

hehe,,i’m not form 5 yet ..can’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend la..

i mean i can’t have a ‘bf ‘ yet and surely not a girlfriend ..

if not my mom will ” SCOLD ME !! ” just like a lion shouting on me..

haha~~!! (not funny)..they came to kuching because their wanna watched the rainforest something something la..

hehe..i also don know,, but they very rich i know la..

eldest brother drink milk so he sooo white..

the second eat too mush laksa so his kin is red red like that..

and the youngest like to eat crab and and his attitude is like to ” pinch ” people ..haha…

actually they are melay..but but their face look like british!!!

i want also..” y i’m not a british people ??? ”

i want it i want it ..!!

” I WANT IT..!! “

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