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Author Archives: AbbyChai

Global warming ?

Malaysia getting hotter and hotter.. Global Warming ah ?? eee.. I don’t want.. always like that morning , Hot. Evening , Rain == Walaoo.. I don’t want this kind of weather laa.. God ah , Please Give Kuching a nice weather ~ T^T You wanna let it snow also can ? As long as we … Continue reading »

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Le New Blog-

Hey guys~ opps! I mean ” Dear readers~ I’m gonna change my new blog by the way , I’m gonna use my sister’s blog to do it ^^ I’m so sowie because for my blog , this word-press goes wrong suddenly jam jam de .. so yea ^^ But I’m gonna use my sister’s word-press … Continue reading »

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Stingray !!!

I want to eat stingray so badly ! I din eat it for a long time , ermmm , since.. Last year ? :O eeeee….I really want to eat it laa.. My parents never bring me , I mean they always say no \|||/ ( how dare you !? == ) And yet I’m hungry … Continue reading »

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